Spring Has Sprung

Posted April 10, 2013 by pehl

Yea,  we all survived the move to our new clinic location!  Early Choice Pediatric Therapy is officially a part of the Hazel Dell neighborhood in the Professional Plaza at 9317 NE Highway 99, Suite L.  We’ve pretty much settled into our new site, although we still have many plans for hanging more swing and climbing options and prettying things up.

While we facilitated the move and cleaned out the other building spring arrived.  One day we looked around and noticed the bulbs popping up and the trees blooming out, and WOW!  Here it is, spring, in all it’s glory and including its wildly unpredictable weather patterns.

Finally, the kids can GO OUTSIDE and PLAY!  And I would love to hear from all of you what they play.  No matter what they play they’re feeding their sensory systems.  This is the time to dust of the trikes and bikes, make sure everything works, take off those training wheels that are no longer needed and go for it.  We have wonderful urban trails here in Vancouver that are family and bicycle friendly.  The Discovery Trail is miles long with parking lots in multiple places so you can throw the bikes in the truck, van, (trunk?) and go for ride.  If you don’t ride maybe you can walk and your young’n can ride.  Or for that matter you could all walk.

Long walks are great for children of all ages, and let’s face it, we adults  benefit from moving too, and getting some fresh air, wet or not.  Kids don’t mind getting wet so put on your boots and grab your umbrella.  Two miles is not too far for a 3-year-old, providing it’s fairly flat and the adult doesn’t have an agenda, (meaning a time limit.)  Some caveats: Don’t bring the stroller for ‘just in case he gets tired.’  If you do he will get tired.  Also, when he does get tired do not carry him.  This is why you mustn’t start off with a time limit.  He needs to build endurance, then strength will follow.  You can stop and have a brief rest, but stand firm.  Make him walk.  A drink of water can be magic in this situation.

Spring is also a great time to consider your plan for the summer time when school is out.  How will the children be entertained?  Robin and I both have a strong bias for swimming lessons.  Swimming is one of the best strengthening activities out there.  It also requires bilateral function, thus strengthening bilateral integration skills in a manner that few other activities do. When we ask, “does your child know how to swim?” we aren’t talking about playing in the water.  We want to see the kids able to actually swim across the pool.  In this part of the country, with so much water all around us, it’s imperative for children to learn how to swim.

Our community centers, the Marshal Center and the Firstenburg Center have great day camps of all kinds for all ages.  Sports, science, arts & crafts, they all have a lot to offer including the social skills necessary to navigate in a group of peers.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreations Department programs which include both individual and group options.

Enjoy your walk, Elizabeth



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