Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer a child to your clinic for an evaluation?
While many of our referrals are made by pediatricians, parents may also request an evaluation for their child by calling the clinic.   A prescription from your child’s pediatrician will be required.

Will you bill my insurance?
Yes.  However, we request that co-pays be paid at the time of service.

Do I have to have insurance, or can I pay cash?
We accept cash payment at the time of service at a discounted rate.

Do you accept Medicaid?
Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid at this time.

Do you accept Medicaid as a secondary insurance, or “back-up” insurance?
Not at this time.

How long does an evaluation take?
Normally an evaluation is expected to take one hour.

How long are therapy sessions?
Physical and Occupational Therapy sessions are 50 minutes.

Speech Therapy sessions are 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the insurance provider.

Are therapy sessions individual or group sessions?
Most therapy sessions are individual.  It is occasionally determined that a child would benefit from a social opportunity.  These cases are handled individually.

Am I allowed to attend therapy sessions with my child?
In most cases, yes.  In general parents are welcome to attend their child’s therapy session.

My insurance doesn’t require a prescription or a referral.  Do I still need to provide one?
Yes.  A prescription is required for billing purposes.