Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy - Early Childhood Pediatric Therapy in Vancouver, WA

At ECPT Occupational Therapy sessions are provided in a supportive and playful environment that includes swings, balls, obstacle courses, music and tactile media, as well as fine motor activities and games.  Treatments are focused on facilitating the maturation of sensory processing abilities, fine motor, adaptive and play skills, attention and focus, and social engagement, to mention a few examples.

The role of a pediatric occupational therapist is to develop a child’s potential to engage successfully in their respective roles, such as son, daughter, brother, sister, student or athlete.  By facilitating their functionality in performing the “occupations” or tasks required by those roles, the occupational therapist assists the child toward competence and mastery instilling confidence, as well as self-esteem.   The challenges undertaken by each child is individual and is thus treated in an independent and individual manner appropriate to the child’s age and developmental level.